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Black and Gold and RED all over. #RMCAD #ColfaxMarathonMannequin #ShadowSelf

#RMCAD #ColfaxMarathonMannequin #ShadowSelf phase 3

"Hi my name is #Gizmo I am treee mons old and I like riding trains with my mommy" #PuppyLove #Denver

Never has a piece of art touched me the way this has today. For over a year I’ve dedicated my research to identity.  I have been on a journey of self discovery, understanding identity & becoming whole. I would like to welcome you to the movement. The movement of self discovery…TRUE self discovery. Let no one convince you that exposing your flaws is weak or full of low self-esteem. Let no one tell you that you are being preachy or too open. I charge you with opening the blinds, doors, closets and your emotional ceiling to your potential. I charge you with knowing thyself from your inner core, from behind the mask, from those faded scars. I charge you in this moment to remove the bandaids of life that society has placed upon you or you have placed upon yourself. I charge you with the power to become whole. To heal. To Be. #Royal #4SOA



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All set up come see me #CreativeCulture #771SantaFe #RMCAD

#CreativeCulture #FirstFridays #Denver #771SantaFe setting up tonight’s exhibit


These photographs mark the beginning of my editorial documentation of “100 Days with blackshesus”. Saturday March 29th we embarked on this journey at “From Niggas to Gods” an afrofuturism event. This performative art installation entitled “Brick by Brick” allowed participants to create words, phrases, and sentences that reflected their social, political, and spiritual experiences in this country. Black Shesus is silent. Merely a guide through the world that she’s created for you to be who you are and she challenges you to come to terms with the beauty of blackness, the beauty of conflict, the beauty of being genuinely you despite whatever emotions are evoked at the sight of her or the activities you are sure to engage in while in her world. The various Black Shesus installations challenge social norms, spiritual conformity, and is a must to experience no matter your race, age, gender, sexuality, or class. Stay tuned for more images. Here is a bit more about the experience directly from www.blackshesus.com 

The Vibe

When I sparked this journey, my intention was to confront the manner in which Black Women have painstakingly assimilated to a euro-centric standard of beauty perception. And while in some situations this remains to be true, a more profound realization became hallelujah clear. Black Is Beauty. Not through our shades, but by our Blackness alone. And everybody knows it. Except us.   -Black Shesus